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what should we put in?
2 bars of Tony’s dark 70% chopped up in pieces
200 gr of unsalted butter
200 gr pretzels, broken up in little pieces
150 gr mini marshmallows

what should we put on it?
Decorate anyway you please! We went for dried fruit, candy, marshmallows and pretzels.
what do we do?
1. take a small pot and get a little water cooking. put a bowl on the pan that doesn't touch the bottom of the pot. You can melt the butter with the chocolate in there. This technique is chiquely called 'Au-bain-marie'.

2. When the butter and chocolate is melted, you stir the pretzels and the mini marshmallows through there.

3. Pour the mixture in a baking dish and don't forget to put baking paper in there.

4. Time for decoration!

5. In the fridge it goes for 4 hours.

We received some critical feedback on social medai about our gaybar. We love that. The rainbow is a symbol for diversity and that's something that is self-evident to us. Everybody is equal and we should remind eachother about that once in a while. But just a flag won't cut it. Because equality is not just in a flag. It's about how you treat eachother. We're curious about what we can do better to stimulate equality and that's why we're talking to chocofans, team Tony's and our partners about it. So, sticking with the theme Tony's serves a sweet recipe with a heavy message. Becuase the road to equality is a rocky one.

Let us know how it went and share a picture of your rainbow rocky road with the tag #tonysserves

Do you know a better recipe using our bars? Share it with #tonysservies. 

don't forget.. every bite counts for our mission. Together we'll make all chocolate 100% slave free.
Chocofans please note: due to delays at postal companies your package might be delivered later than usual. 

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