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Chocolonely Foundation

Tony’s Chocolonely wants to make impact with the commercial business (the BV). From this entity we buy and sell our chocolate and we are of the opnion that everything related to buying and selling cocoa is the responsibility of the commercial entity.

Doing business unfairly and compensation through a foundation does not solve problems Unfortunately, we still see this happen a lot in the industry, keeping ] structural and sustainable solutions from happening.

We're responsible for our product from farmer to consumer and from bean to bar.

how does this work?
We pay a fair price for cocoa with Tony's. The Chocolonely Foundation focusses on other stuff, like providing funding or social loans for things like school fees. Money earned in the chocolate season is being paid during the season, so it's possible that farmers do not have enough money to send their kids to school in september. The Foundation helps with this, making sure the farmer communities are more stable and take less risk.
How's the Foundation funded?
Tony’s Chocolonely reservers 1% of the net revenue yearly for activities of the Chocolonely Foundation. The Foundation finances activities and projects using these guidelines:
  • Creating conditions that ban slavery;
  • stimulating consumer awareness
  • inspire and activate other key players (politics, governments and companies).
local research on slavery and child labour
shelter and reintegration for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery
fund for schooling farmer's kids

Chocolonely Foundation projects

Next to running projects, like the refuge GRADE-FRB for children that worked on cocoa plantations in Burkina Faso, an education project to improve schooling in cocoa communities in Ghana, some new projects were started as well.

In Ivory Coast a studyfund has been founded, sending 900 kids to school last year. We're looking in to expanding the fund.

The Foundation has extra interest in innovatie projects and does not turn down activities of which the outcome is hard to measure. 

For example: the coming two years, we're working together with 100weeks.nl, offering cash with no conditions to entrepreneurial women from the community. Nobody knows better what the community needs than members of the community themselves, so we think this is a good way to stimulate innovation.

Do you have a good idea for a project? Or do you want to support a specific project, or you just want to know more about the Foundation? Send a mail to: info@chocolonelyfoundation.org

Tony's is working from home too, so our super stores are temporarily closed. But.. fortunately you can still find our bars in our online chocoshop! Or at your local supermarket of course. #hanginthere


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