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The Chocolate Case film

TONY The Chocolate Case tells the story about the start of Tony’s Chocolonely. The journalists from the Dutch investigative show Keuringsdienst van Waarde found out 10 years ago that something was wrong in the cocoa industry. Children are victims of modern slavery and illegal child labor, working on plantations in West-Africa, chocolate lovers who don’t know a thing about it and chocolate producers who don't feel any responsibility to do something about it.

The journalists feel something HAS to change. TONY The Chocolate Case tells the true story about social entrepeneurship, about changing an industry and solving a global problem. It shows just how difficult and time consuming something like that is. 

Curious? Check out the trailer:


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Tony’s talk 
Do you wanna do a Tony’s Talk at school about Tony’s Chocolonely? We’ll help you with a nifty little guide:

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