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Science in the value chain

Chair University of Utrecht

There's still a lot to research in our industry. We support scientific research, because it contributes to the third pillar on our roadmap: inspire to act! Thank's to Tony's, Barry Callebaut and other parties. a chair in Social Entrepeneurship has been launched at the Utrecht University School of Economics, Law, Economy, governance and organisation.

The research
Professor Harry Hummels became Professor Social Entrepeneurship at the Utrecht University on the first of may 2016. A scoop, because it's the first Chair on Social Entrepeneurship in the Netherlands. In october 2017, PhD students Milande and Margot started research on international innovation in the cocoa valuechain together with Harry. Awesome!

Why does Tony support this research? By doing research on the cooa valuechain of the future we want to contribute to a sustainable vision for the whole sector. The Chair researches the impact social entrepeneurs make and how they can inspire other companies. This contributes to the third pillar on our roadmap: inspire to act. Read the full oration of Harry Hummels here.

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