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How it all started

We've been working towards making all chocolate 100% slave free. We've been supported, cheered on, challenged and eaten. We know now how difficult it is to change an entire industry. We've grown enormously and got results. Take a look through our timeline..
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Teun turns himself in as a chocolate criminal


Teun looks for witnesses


The first Tony’s bar becomes a reality


Tony’s goes official


On the way to 100% slave free


Milka becomes Fairtrade


'Tony’s in Africa' project starts


Hazelnut issue


Harkin Engel objectives not fully achieved


The switch to unequally divided bars


Bean to Bar becomes a reality


Tony's premium


Happy FAIRniversary - 10 year Tony's!




Petition Child Labour Due Diligence Act & market leader Netherlands


Tony's Super Store


Tony's goes U.K. and much more