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Tony's Talks


Waarom organiseren we praatjes?

We think it’s important to share our story with all our chocolate friends, because only together we’ll make chocolate 100% slave free. We opened up our recipe for slave free chocolate, but now we’ll open up our office to tell our recipe for working at Tony’s. Every last friday of the month, you’ll be able to take a peek in our chocolate kitchen through our Tony’s Talks. From our Spice Girl to our Bean to Bartender, everybody gets a go. We like to inspire others, but love being inspired as well. Critical questions are valued!

Tonys Talks

Choco evangelist Ynzo van Zanten travels the world to tell our story and share our chocolate. No podium is too big for this guy. But ehm, with all the Covid-19 measures, right now there is simply no podium. So that's why we also have reist de hele wereld over om ons verhaal te vertellen en onze chocolade te delen. Geen podium is hem te groot. Maarrem, tijdens de Covid-19 maatregelen gaat dat natuurlijke effe niet. En daarom hebben we ook:

Tony’s Online Talks

We would love to keep you up to date online as well. So keep an eye on our Youtube channel and check out when the next live online talk is, so you can ask Ynzo everything you want to know.

Talks schedule

Up and coming talks

​​​​​​​We are working hard to create a new schedule & format. At this moment we can give you a small teaser, the first talk will be at the end of October!


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