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Tony's Chocolonely Super Store

Hey there! You wanna come visit the Tony's Chocolonely Super Store, that's awesome! Our Tony's Superstars will tell you all about the abuses happening in the cocoa industry, and how we can make a positive impact together. Make your own custom bar, taste our new (and slightly less new) bars, take a picture at the mega-monster-super-choco-vending-machine and score a Tony's Rainbow pack. On this page you'll find all the info you need for your visit. See you soon, high five!
Tony's Super Store
Oudebrugsteeg 15
1012 JN Amsterdam

Parking Centrum Oosterdok (a 12 minute walk) 
Oosterdokstraat 150
1011 DK Amsterdam

Q-Park de Bijenkorf (a 3 minute walk) 
Beursstraat 15 
1012 JW Amsterdam

finding your way
It's just a 5 minute walk crossing 'the Damrak' from Amsterdam Central Station to Tony's Chocolonely Super Store. You see the Beurs van Berlage? Take a left and you're there!

So.. why the Beurs?
Amsterdam is still the biggest cocoa port in Europe, so this magical place has not been chosen by accident. Early 1900's cocoa trading was done in the Beurs van Berlage on the commodities exchange. The Super Store is accessible from the left side of the Beurs and is directly below the trading floor wher cocoa was being traded 100 years ago.

payment options
In our Tony’s Super Store you can only pay by card, debit and credit. Cash is not our thing!

The Unlimiteds choco machine starts at 10:00 in the morning. 

If you want to pick up your Unlimiteds bar the same day, make sure you order at least one hour before closing time. We close at 19:00, so your bar has to be ordered before 18:00!

we’re open!



  • 27 april
  • 25 december
  • 26 december
  • 1 januari

Open until 17:00

  • May 18
  • May 28
  • Dcember 24
  • December 31


The chocomachine to make your own is operational until 17:30, so if you want to pick up your bar the same day, please make sure you have ordered before 17:00.

create your own bar and ask your critical questions..


this is how your make your own bar

Using the ipad in the Super Store, you can pick your flavour of chocolate (millk, dark & white) - you can combine two - and a maximum of three of your favorite ingrediënts. Customize the wrapper by choosing your colour, slap a text on the side and bam! You're done! You can pick them up about an hour later.

Warm weather alert! To guarantee the quality of your chocolate, we will not ship orders from Wednesday June 7th 2023 until Sunday June 11th 2023. You'll receive your package later than usual. As soon as temperatures drop under 27 degrees, we will ship your order.



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