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presentation package

Oh hi, you want to do a presentation about Tony’s at school and tell everyone about? Awesome! Of course we’ll help you with that. This is where you’ll find Tony’s presentation package. A complete choccolate guide telling you everything you need to know about where chocolate comes from and what we do to change the industry. 

There is also our annual FAIR report for a lot more information.

Tony's Chocolate Guide

In the Tony’s Chocolate Guide you'll find everything you need to know about where chocolate comes from, how chocolate bars are made and about our mission to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Enjoy reading the guide!
Spice up your presentation with a little video? This is a short explanation on how to make chocolate. (in Dutch, English subtitles available).
Wanna check out some more videos? Go to our youtube channel:
annual FAIR report
Hungry for more? Read on in our annual FAIR report.

Annual FAIR report 2019/2020

read it here

TONY the movie
You wanna watch 'TONY the chocolate case' in preparation for your talk? Or you just want to show it to your classmates? Our Serious Friends can watch it for free in Tony's Toolbox. Wanna be Serious Friend with us? You can sign up here: become a Serious Friend.

you have some more questions?You can always call us on the chocophone or drop by at our Home Store & Office to have a chat. And hey, if you mail us a photo of your Talk or report about Tony’s, you can come show your grade and pick up a reward at Tony’s Home Store (Pazzanistraat 1, Amsterdam)...when you’re in the neighbourhood!