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Tony’s ever after


The classics in our family, a.k.a. Tony’s Rainbow, now contain 12 flavors. So the classics collection is neeearly complete. The bars are easy to identify with their bright, colorful wrappers in a single color. Our Classics are sold in most supermarkets in the Netherlands.


Our Exclusives were all once a Limited Edition. That's right: we let chocofans vote on the Limited Edtions and the winner returns as an Exclusive with a fresh new wrapper. You recognize them by the striped Tony's logo. You find them 'Exclusively' ;) at Wereldwinkels, WAAR, de Bijenkorf, Marqt, Jamin, Tony's Store, our chocoshop and some candy- and giftshops.

limited editions

(Almost) every autum we launch three Limited Editions in three flavours. The crazier, the better! We produce them in...drumroll limited numbers, so when they're gone..they're gone! You'll recognize them by the set of three and deviating design. In december, we let chocofans vote which one we should turn into an Exclusive, to be launched next spring.

small bars

Just as yummy as their larger counterparts, but perfect for when you're on the go. You'll always have room for these little treats, whether it be in your bag, your pocket or.. in your mouth. These bars are a great accompaniment to coffee or a movie and are perfect for snacking on during long train journeys.

letter bars

Saint Nicolas is one of our favourite holidays. All that chocolate in your shoe! And a real Tony’s letter bar from the dear old Saint, where you can break out the letter...my my, Saint Nicolas knows what people like.

chocolate milk

Chocolate milk without the downside. Nothing more than milk with the most delicious chocolate you would think. And you'd be right. Not for sale in our webshop, but you can get it in supermarkets.

Relay bars

There it is: the next relay bar. Every half a year we pass the bar and launch a new one. Don't forget to 'relay' the news. Ruuuun to the store!

Tiny Tony’s

These are for all your 'tiny snack' moments, all the 'thank you' moments', all 'I'm sorry'moments and of course for all your coffee, tea or glass of chocolate milk moments.


A Christmas tree in your chocolate bar! To hang as an ornament or give as a gift. It has an extra layer of chocolate around it so that you can enjoy it as a bar or break out the tree to hang it in your own tree. The only thing is we can't guarantee it will stay there for long as it is so delicious you may be tempted to eat it all at once. All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuu..!


Tony's chocolate is always dolled up in its Easter finery, but our deliciously large Easter eggs are especially tempting! They're conveniently packed in an egg carton so they're easy to hide. Perfect for decorating the Easter branch or for popping in your mouth in one go.

sweet solution

The Sweet Solution collection was created to draw attention to modern slavery and illegal child labor in the chocolate industry. After 20 years of promises, to put an end to this, little has changed. That's why Tony's called on choco fans to become part of the 'SweetSolution' and sign the petition. Tony's wanted to grab attention by using a different packaging inspired by big choco brands. After this campaign the bars are now in an original Tony's packaging, but the inside always let you know what the purpose of these bars was.

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