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Did you know Easter is the biggest chocolate holiday of the year?

Oh yeah, it's true! More chocolate is bought for Easter than any other holiday of the year. That's a whole lot of Easter eggs. Sadly, where there is chocolate there's often a bitter truth behind it. Still, more than 1.56 million children are working under illegal conditions in the cocoa industry. That's why we make chocolate that works to end exploitation in the cocoa industry. With our egg-stra special chocolate Easter eggs you can feel good about what you put in your Easter basket. 

Learn more about our mission and impact here.

what’s on the menu

Looking for a dessert that puts the "luck" in potluck? Check out these recipes for Easter treats that are as sweet as they are impactful! If you're a cookie monster, our delectible yet quirky bunny butt sugar cookies should be right up your alley. And for the cupcake lovers, trust us when we say our dirt carrot cupcakes are a surprisingly tasty can't-miss. Plus who can't resist a classic milkshake on a warm spring day?

easter goodies

Our choco-fan-favorite chocolate egg cartons are back for another year! Each carton contains 5 of our irresistible classic flavors. But wait.. if there are 12 eggs and 5 flavors, wouldn't that mean there isn't an equal amount of each flavor? Yes, eggs-actly! As long as the chocolate industry is unequally divided, our bars (and eggs) will be too

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Get your basket ready, these are the Easter eggs of a chocolate lovers’ dreams. Whether you're a milk chocolate lover or a dark chocolate fiend, this pouch has a flavor that's right for you. So hide 'em in the yard or treat yourself, whatever you do, just don’t put them all in one basket.. or do. We don't judge. 

grab your fave

Hunting for something extra special for somebunny in your life? Look no further! Check out our easy-to-use personalized wrapper creator and explore all the ways you can turn our bars into Easter perfection. Start with a template, add decorations or upload a picture that's just right. If you can dream it, you can do it!

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measure the impact your easter treats make!

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