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Tony's Collegiate Changemakers

col·le·giate change·mak·er

/kəˈlēj(ē)ət/ /ˈchānjˈmākər/


Tony’s Chocolonely Collegiate Changemakers are student movement-makers, who work to change the world with chocolate, starting right on their campus.

What do Collegiate Changemakers do?

Collegiate Changemakers network within their communities to invite product trial, establish relationships, and raise awareness about issues within the cocoa industry.

Where can you find Tony's Collegiate Changemakers?

Currently, our Collegiate Changemaker program exists on Arizona State University, UC Berkeley, Spelman College, New York University and Columbia University campuses.

Wanna join in?​​​​​​​

Stay tuned for our fall recruitment cycle beginning in August of 2021 to become a Collegiate Changemaker. Wanna get involved now? Reach out to a Collegiate Changemaker on your campus to see how you can volunteer to be part of the movement.


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