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Hey choco fans! Woops, looks like you caught our chocoshop in hibernation. Unlike previous years, we're not shipping chocolate this summer. Bummer, we know. 

Our chocoshop will close on May 1st at 5pm PST and remain closed until October 1st. In the meantime, you can get your choco fix through your local stores (check which one is nearest to you here) or have it delivered through Amazon. If you'd like to know more about our warm weather policy, read on by clicking here!

milk chocolate 32%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

milk caramel sea salt 32%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

milk honey almond nougat 32%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

dark almond sea salt 51%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

milk hazelnut 32%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

dark chocolate 70%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

dark pecan coconut 51%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

dark milk pretzel toffee 42%

6.35 oz, 1 bar

white raspberry popping candy 28%

6.35 oz, 1 bar
We're closed for the summer! Our chocoshop will be closed until October 1st due to the warm weather. But never fear, you can get your choco fix through Amazon, or check in your local market if it's an immediate choco need. Read more here.

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