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Collegiate Changemakers

col·le·giate change·mak·er

/kəˈlēj(ē)ət/ /ˈchānjˈmākər/


Tony’s Chocolonely Collegiate Changemakers are student movement-makers, who work to change the world with chocolate, starting right on their campus.

What do Collegiate Changemakers do?

Tony's Collegiate Changemakers network within their communities to share our chocolate, create strong, direct relationships with choco fans and raise awareness about issues within the cocoa industry. Some responsibilities Collegiate Changemakers have include:

  • Finding the best places and times to share our chocolate. Finals week snack in the library, anyone?
  • Knowing Tony's story inside and out so that they can answer questions about Tony's anytime and anywhere. Speaking of which, yes, Tony is a real guy!
  • Creating unforgettable, awareness raising events with loads of tasty choco. Whether that's by organizing a world premier movie night of a new documentary, one-on-one learning opportunity with industry experts, or a hybrid digital-physical egg hunt, the world is their oyster!

Why the Collegiate Changemaker program?

Collegiate Changemakers help us to achieve our mission of 100% slave-free chocolate worldwide, and we help to empower future leaders and entrepreneurs.

The way to change the chocolate industry from within is by sharing our chocolate and our story. To spread both our chocolate and our story far and wide, we need help. And that's where Collegiate Changemakers come in! 

It's our goal to create a strong and engaged cohort of innovative, driven students who want to change the world. In order to create a fairer world, we need more than just fair chocolate. These future leaders and changemakers will shape the world we live in, and we want to give them the tools and experience to change the world for the better.

not elligible to join? you can still help!

Are you motivated to make change with Tony's, but can't seem to find your college on our list? There are still plenty of other ways you can help us achieve our mission, and we could use all the help we can get! Head over to our Action Toolkit to learn more about our mission and get some sweet ideas of how you can help us change the chocolate industry!