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Wanna brush up on your knowledge of Tony’s and the chocolate industry? Need some resources to help share our story? This is the place to find everything there is to know with these handy resources!

Tony’s 101

Ever wonder how Tony's got its funky name? Or how we're actually changing the chocolate industry from within? Need a closer look at the bitter truth in the chocolate industry? This, here, is the right place! Tony's 101 is your go-to resource for everything there is to know about Tony's! .. well, almost.

your guide to everything Tony's

from problem to solution and everything in between!

Annual FAIR Report

Want some more in-depth information about who Tony's is, what we do, and the kind of impact we make? You can find all that info and more in our Annual FAIR report! You can read it online, download a copy, or grab a physical version for free from our Chocoshop!

order your free FAIR report in the Chocoshop now!

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The Washington Post ’Cocoa’s Child Laborers’

We talk a lot about the cases of forced labor and illegal child labor in the cocoa industry, but not much about what that's really like for the adults and children involved. In 2019 The Washington Post travelled to West Africa to report on these issues first hand. Read their article to learn more about the issues facing the cocoa industry and to hear the stories of children working under illegal conditions on a cocoa farm in West Africa.

read the article

on Washington Post's website

Rotten on Netflix

Ready to take a deep dive into the world of cocoa? The 'Bitter Chocolate' episode of Netflix original docuseries Rotten has got you covered! Take a look at cocoa farms in West Africa, the bitter truth of the cocoa industry and even get a small peek into what Tony's is doing to change the industry for the better.

watch rotten on Netflix

make sure to grab your popcorn and choco

join the cause

Ready to help us change the chocolate industry? Woohoo! We’re so glad you’re in. Let us help you help us with some materials and resources that you can use to take action with Tony’s.

Give your class a Tony's Talk

Ready to help us share our story? That's what we like to hear! If you're a college student, and have a class or club that might be interested in learning about Tony's (Fairtrade club, supply chain class, sustainability class, etc) get in touch with us to schedule a Tony's Talk! What's a Tony's Talk? It's like our version of a TED Talk, but we can tailor it to the inerests of your particular club or class. Check out this example from Ynzo, the Choco Evangelist himself!


Send a letter to congress

To change the chocolae industry, we all hands on deck. That means governments, too! In 2021, the US Supreme Court decided there was nothing they could do about forced labor and illegal child labor in cocoa. More on that here. BUT there's hope, because the Supreme Court also said this is matter can be taken up by Congress. You know what that means, it's time to ask Congress to take action! And we've made it easy, just visit click the button, check out our open letter to Congress, and if you like what you see, you can have it sent to your Senators and Representatives in just a few easy texts. Let's get congress to take action and implement due dilligence legislation for a fairer cocoa industry! 

Share our chocolate!

There's a reason we always say 'share our chocolate and our story' - it's the go-to way to help us in our mission! The more people who know about the bitter truth of the chocolate industry and choose to help us change it, the closer we get to achieving our mission. Plus, every bar sold helps us to buy more traceable beans at a higher price from our partner farmers in West Africa! So, we want to help you share our chocolate and our story. If you've placed and order from the Chocoshop before, you have access to a referral code in your account details section, which you can use to invite friends to try our chocolate. 15% off for you, 15% off for them and extra impact for us - win, win, win!



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