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Milk chocolate chip ice cream

February 08, 2019
This Tony's chocolate chip ice cream recipe is chunky, funky and totally yummy. You can make it classic or dress it up with a roasted fig leaf - ooh la la! 


¾ cups whole milk

1 2/3 cups heavy cream

½ cup sugar

¼ tsp salt

2 medium sized fig leaves, washed, dried and toasted, in a pan or over a fire

5 egg yolks

Tony's Chocolonely milk chocolate (or your favorite flavor), grated with vegetable peeler

Heat milk, cream, sugar and salt in a stainless steel pan until just about to simmer. Turn off the heat. Optional: add toasted fig leaves to the cream mixture and let steep for about 20 minutes.

Using tongs, take out fig leaves from the cream mixture. Temper cream mixture with yolks. Return to the stove and cook until an anglaise (custard-like consistency) is reached. Strain the mixture and let it chill. Put it in the freezer, but uh, make sure it's extra chilly in there.

When frozen to desired consistency, add the grated Tony's chocolate and stir to combine. Enjoy!