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We're officially a Good Egg!

We're officially a Good Egg!
29 maart 2023

​​​​​​​Eggs-tra! Eggs-tra! Read all about it.. The results of this year's Chocolate Scorecard are in. And we're eggs-tremely proud to have won the Good Egg Award for our efforts to bring structural change in the choco industry through collaboration. Heck yeah! 

The Chocolate Scorecard is *your* go-to guide for understanding which brands are taking action on child labor, poverty and deforestation, and making chocolate that's good for people and the planet. Be Slavery Free, Mighty Earth and VOICE Network, alongside other industry orgs and research institutes, have joined forces to unwrap the sustainability practices of the world's top cocoa traders and choco makers. The final scores spotlight the industry's sustainability frontrunners and call out the rotten eggs. 

We're egg-static to have won the Good Egg Award together with Original Beans. We put people and the planet at the center of our sourcing model. Which starts with knowing exactly where our beans come from so we can take responsibility for our entire supply chains. We're pumped to be excelling in the traceability, transparency and living income categories.  

Going green for the climate  
In previous years, our deforestation and climate efforts were ranked as yellow – pushing us to do more*. The result? This year our deforestation and climate score turned green. 

*More = Working with Satelligence to carry out deforestation risk assessments and monitor illegal deforestation to guarantee no deforestation occurs because of the cocoa we put in our bars  

Collaborating with South Pole to recalibrate our greenhouse gas emissions to account for reduction targets, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) submission requirements 

Get the full scoop on our climate efforts and impact in the environment spread of our annual FAIR report (at the end of chapter 3).   

Psst.. Eagle eyes will have spotted our yellow score for agrichemical management. That's down to a change in the Scorecard's standards, not our ways of working. From this year, green scores are only given to companies that source organic cocoa. We buy some of our cocoa beans from ABOCFA in Ghana (the first certified organic cooperative in West Africa). The reason we don't source all organic cocoa is because organic farming doesn't necessarily deliver a better income for farmers. Becoming organic certified would result in us becoming a niche choco brand, which doesn't go hand in hand with our mission to change the norm for all cocoa.   

Traceable is scalable, we got the proof  
The way we do things doesn't need to be an exception. It can be the norm! That's why we partnered up with Barry Callebaut. To show that it's possible to be fully traceable while working with a large processor. And prove that every chocolate company can work according to Tony's 5 Sourcing Principles. Here's looking at you, rotten eggs..   

This year, we welcomed a 2nd chocolate processor to the Tony's Open Chain party: Baronie & Cémoi. Having both Barry Callebaut and Baronie & Cémoi on board will enable more chocolate brands to join Tony's Open Chain (our initiative that invites companies to source traceable cocoa via our way-of-working) – yay! 

Shopping for Easter choco? See how your fave and familiar brands score before you buy. Hop to The Chocolate Scorecard here. 



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