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Jumbo will start sourcing its cocoa fair via Tony's

Jumbo will start sourcing its cocoa fair via Tony's
8 november 2023

Breaking chocolate news! Jumbo, a big Dutch retailer, has officially joined Tony’s mission to end exploitation in the chocolate industry. So.. like the slogan of the retailer says, “Hello Jumbo”! Welcome on board. 

Jumbo is the next mission ally in Tony’s Open Chain. This means that the retailer will start buying its cocoa via Tony’s and according to our 5 sourcing principles, including always paying a higher price for 100% traceable cocoa. For Jumbo, this involves a lot of private label and seasonal products that the retailer offers. Like Tony’s and all other mission partners, Jumbo will from now on pay cocoa farmers the price for a living income. With the partnership, we are taking big steps to end illegal labor and deforestation in the industry. This way, the Dutch chocolate shelf is gradually becoming more and more fair. Pretty awesome.

On the chocolate shelves next year 
Starting next summer, the new private label chocolate bars, chocolate letters (a Dutch delight during Sinterklaas) and Christmas cookies will be available in Jumbo’s 700+ shops and via Jumbo.com. Easter chocolate will follow soon as well. Now that's impact!

Boukje from Jumbo explains: “Making our value chains more sustainable has been important to us for years, including our cocoa sourcing. Now we are taking the next step and choose to cooperate with Tony’s Open Chain. This way, we make it even easier for our customers to choose responsibly produced chocolate and with that make a positive impact on the lives of cocoa farmers.”

The chocolate shelf is getting fairer 
We welcomed a lot of new mission allies this year. As a result, the Dutch chocolate shelf has changed significantly in the past two years, in favour of the West African cocoa farmer. Big corporations like HEMA, Albert Heijn, Plus, Aldi and Ben & Jerry’s had already made the switch to Tony’s Open Chain. In total, we now have 12 mission allies. All mission allies pay cocoa farmers the price for a living income. 

So, we are working our beans off to make chocolate fairer. One mission ally at the time. 

Check the website for more information on Tony’s Open Chain.



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