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Tony’s Chocolonely endorses call for EU due diligence regulation of the cocoa industry

3 december 2019

Since 2001 big chocolate companies have failed to meet their own deadlines several times on voluntary agreements to end modern slavery and illegal child labour in the cocoa industry. On November 21st 2019, Tony’s Chocolonely launched a petition at its annual FAIR to urge companies to take 100% responsibility for their supply chains. Soon after, on December 2nd 2019, Mars, Wrigley, Barry Callebaut, Mondelez International, called for EU regulation on human rights due diligence. Tony’s Chocolonely believes collaboration of all stakeholders is key in order to achieve a 100% slave-free norm in the chocolate industry and therefore endorses the initiative. However, the company stresses the time to act is now.

Paul Schoenmakers (Impactus Prime):

Companies should not wait for regulation to be in place. After 2 decades of voluntary programs and pilots, it is quite well known what needs to be done. Since 2011, the obligation to take responsibility has applied to companies: actively seek human rights violations in your full supply chains and resolve them. Companies have to take 100% responsibility for their supply chains, now!

Tony’s Chocolonely looks forward to collaborating with Mars Wrigley, Barry Callebaut, Mondelez International, VOICE, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade to eradicate modern slavery and illegal child labour in the cocoa sector. The company shares its knowledge, models and tools via www.tonysopenchain.com, and invites all companies to adopt the 5 sourcing principles ending the system-enabled poverty at the beginning of the supply chain:

   1. 100% traceable cocoa beans
Pay a higher price (Living Income Reference Price) 
   3. Invest in strong farmers
Go for the long term (5 year contracts)
Improve quality and productivity 

Tony’s Chocolonely urges companies to act now and at the same time recognises the importance of legislation. Therefore Tony’s asks all chocolate companies to sign its petition to urge EU and USA governments for due diligence regulation.  

Read more about the petition here >

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