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Petition for 100% responsibility

It is time to take responsibility.
For all of us.

It is our responsibility as consumers to know who we are buying from. 

It is our responsibility as companies to ensure the risk of illegal child labour and modern slavery is zero to none.

It is our responsibility as governments to make these companies accountable by law.

Serious Friends & chocofans signed already!

Taking responsibility is normal, right? Then why don’t all companies take 100% responsibility for their supply chains?

Food products in our stores need to meet high-quality standards.
By law.

These standards ensure the products we eat are safe.  
To us. To you. 

What about the people who make our food? Do you think they get the same protection?
Think again.

Human rights are violated for the production of your food at an enormous scale and frequency.  

The economic system in the cocoa and chocolate industry is driven by profit maximization of many companies. They pay too little for cocoa beans and as a result, cocoa farmers in West Africa live in extreme poverty. 

In the struggle to keep their heads above water many have little choice but to have children do dangerous work on their plantations or worse, with forced labour.  

Reality is that there are more than 30.000 victims of forced labour in the cocoa sector in Ghana and Ivory Coast. And 2.1 million children work on the land under illegal conditions. 
Think about it.

Our economic system fails and we must do something about it. It is time to raise our bar.

All self-regulation has brought is more pilots. More promisesMore sustainability programs. Fact is, not much has actually changed.  

18 years ago, Big choco pledged to end child labour. They failed and have missed deadline after deadline, after deadline. 

This petition is your way of saying YES: I want legislation to make companies 100% responsible for eradicating modern slavery and illegal child labour in their supply chains. 

With 1 million signatures this petition will make governments change their policies: from self-regulation to legislation. Tony’s Chocolonely will take your signature to both Brussels (EU) and up the Hill (USA) in 2020. 

Only this way companies will finally have to put their money where their mouth is.

Are you in?