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Polluting coal powerstation becomes chocolate factory

Polluting coal powerstation becomes chocolate factory
24 maart 2017

Tony’s Chocolonely supports action taken by green energy company Vandebron to buy the last coal powered energy station and use it for something that benefits everybody. We announced on Facebook that we also will put one million euro on the table in order to buy it. And we call on you, our chocofans, to sign the petition started by Vandebron. We think we know what needs to be done with the coal powered plant: a chocolate factory.

Tony’s Factory
We want to change the chocolate industry from within by making it 100% slave free. Maybe you remember us telling you last year that we want to built our own chocolate factory. For us it's a logical next step in making our own chain 100% slave free and show other producers that it's possible:

"In the world's biggest cocoa port, Amsterdam, we want to build Tony's Factory, that produces at least 25 million bars of Tony's Chocolonely a year."- dixit Henk Jan, our Chief Chocolate Officer. Tony's Factory is not just going to be a factory, but one with a rollercoaster running through it. Chocolate lovers can follow the production from bean to bar, raising awareness for the problems in the cocoa industry.

We're a company with a social mission, and we want to make not just our own chocolate slave free, but áll chocolate worldwide. Actually, we think that every organisation should strive to make the world a better place. The Nuon Hemweg plant would be an excellent start. But eh, the roller coaster will have to fit...

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