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Dear Big Choco.. we copied you, now please copy us

Dear Big Choco.. we copied you, now please copy us
18 februari 2021

We wrote this open letter to the chocolate industry because we really, really need everyone to play their part in the Sweet Solution. Only together can we make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm. 

Dear Big Choco, 

Did you see our limited-edition chocolate bars? 

They looked a lot like.. but they were made a lot different.
To end modern slavery and illegal child labor in the cocoa industry.
Our sweet solution to chocolate’s bitter truth.

We sold them at more than 1,000 supermarkets that believe in our mission to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm. 

We sent them to 5,000 Choco Fans across Europe as part of our Sweet Activist kit to spark change.

We gave them to thousands of strangers from our mobile Chocotruck in New York, to raise awareness and make new Serious Friends.

We made a film about them that screened on Dutch TV and our global social accounts.

Newspapers wrote about them. Choco Fans posted about them. And we got more than 30,000 new signatures for legislation against illegal child labor.

It’s fair to say these bars got the international attention they deserved. 
But the attention we most need, is yours.

Because the real power to change the chocolate industry is in your hands.

We copied you. Now, we ask you to copy us.
Not our crazy flavors, not our striking wrappers, but our ways of working.

Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles
To end modern slavery and illegal child labor

  1. Using 100% traceable beans
  2. Paying farmers a higher price
  3. Strengthening farmer groups
  4. Committing to long-term relationships
  5. Investing in productivity and quality

With these principles (no cherry picking, you need to apply them all) we’ve also created a proven, scalable, open-source model: Tony’s Open Chain. Free to copy by any chocolate brand.

Because only when all chocolate companies work together, can we make all chocolate 100% slave free.

Whether you make nutty crunch circles, caramel cookies, nougat pyramids or wafer strips, we’ve proven that people really love the taste without the bitter truth. So we figured, let’s keep copying those flavors for the time being, made our way, and we challenge you to copy us.

Are you in?

Join us on tonysopenchain.com to copy Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles and play your part in the Sweet Solution.


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