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A much needed push..

4 maart 2020

ban on companies importing cocoa from Cote d’Ivoire by Customs & Border Protection in the US, until they can prove if their supply chains are child labour-free? Yupyou’ve read it correctly. Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL) and International Rights Advocates (IRAdvocates) filedSection 307 petition’ - that's an act that prohibits the import of products in any foreign country with forced child labor involved - with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They're asking for a ban (WRO) against companies importing cocoa products from Cote d’Ivoire. 
push for change
We fully support this, as a push for change of practices, ’cause full responsibility and traceability are needed. While banning cocoa from West Africa will not solve the problems at once, it is time that chocolate companies are forced to finally take responsibility of their full supply chain. After 20 years of research, pilots and programs (remember the Harkin-Engel protocol in 2001..?), it is quite well known what needs to be done – no more justifications and voluntary standards. Extreme poverty is the root cause of labour abuse in the cocoa chain. And poverty alleviation requires a holistic approachwith a higher price as the key enabler.  

industry, step up your game!
We need to move from voluntary to regulated standard to achieve accountabilityThe chocolate industry has to take its responsibility and change the way they conduct business to end the problems in their cocoa value chains. We show how it can be doneBy engaging with the problems and not turning away from them. U.S. Customs and Border Protection can be a powerful instrument to force cocoa and chocolate companies to finally take responsibility for their full supply chains. Companies should no longer be allowed to import cocoa without knowing where and how it was producedThey must know their whole supply chain and implement proper human rights due diligence measures: stop turning a blind eye; find the problems in their supply chains and start solving them. Banning conventional, untraceable cocoa will end the chocolate industry dragging their feet and step up their game. 

petition for 100% responsibility
That's why we started a petition in which we urge companies to take 100% responsibility for their supply chains. And you as a choco consumer have got a voice in this matter too. Are you in? Sign the petition HERE!

Together we'll make chocolate 100% slave free! 

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