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Tony's banana crisps with chocolate dip

Ghana has a special place in our chocohearts, 'cause it's where a lot of our cocoa comes from. But it's not just the Cocoabeans from Ghana that make us happy, we're also big fans of the cuisine. That's why we mad a recipe based on a snack from Ghana: kelewele. It's...bananacrisps! We made it with a chocolate dip. Let's go bananas!
What's in there? 
5 sliced bananes for baking
coconut oil
1 bar of Tony's dark chocolate 70% 
1 red chilipepper cut into little pieces
a veeery small little spoon of rasped ginger
125 ml of créme fraiche
125 ml milk
What to do?

1. heat 1 cm of coconut oil in a frying pan

2. Do you spot bubbles when you drop a slice of banana in there? If so, then it's warm enough you're ready to fry the banana

3. fry the bananaslices golden brown and get them out of the pan (not with your fingers!)

4. dry them out on a paper towel

5. sprinkle salt on there

6. There your go, your bananacrisps are done. Now over to the chocolate dip

7. heat the milk

8. put pieces of chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl and pour the hot milk on there. Stir it well.

9. All stirred? When the mixture is cooled, you can stir the crème fraîche through it. 

10. cut the chilipepper in very small pieces. You like it spicy? You can leave the seeds in there. But ehh, we gotta warn you, even without the seeds it's still a spicy lady. 

11. Stir the chilipepper, ginger and a pinch of salt through the chocolate dip and your dooone!

Let us know how you did? Share a picture of your banana crisps with #servesometonys!

Do you know an even better recipe using our bars? Share it with #tonysservies. 

don't forget.. every bite counts for our mission. Together we'll make all chocolate 100% slave free.


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