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Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Club

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With Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolade Club you get a party in the mail every month when that box thumps down on your doormat. ’Cause with our brand new chocolate subscription we’ll keep surprising you with new flavours like you’ve never tasted before, every month!

Yup, Tony’s Chocolate Club is a chocofans dream. So..doormat-buddies 4 life?

1. pick your subscription
We’ve got something for everyone: a temporary chocolate feast for 3, 6 or 12 months, or a continuous choco-joy. Whatever you pick, it’s always €12,50 per month.

2. a party on your doormat every month
when you’ with the Club, you receive a box of Tony’s chocolate with new flavours on the first of every month. Party! Psst..the box fits in your mailbox, so no worries there.

3. it’s your choice
The continuous choco-joy subscription can be paused, cancelled or (re)activated online, from the comfort of your lazy chair, whenever you want. The temporary chocolate feast will stop automatically, you won't need to do a thing.

new and exclusive flavours
There are four halves in two new exclusive flavours in the box. Enough for yourself and for sharing. The flavours are developed by none other than our own Count Chocola Bas, a triple Dutch Champion chocolatier. Is your mouth watering yet?

a lil fun never hurt nobody
To top it off, we're adding a different Tony's classic bar each and every month. A chocolaty club indeed. Start that party as soon as the box hits your doormat!

share our chocolate, share our story
With every box we drop on your doormat, you&rsquoll be participating in Tony’s mission to make chocolate worldwide 100% slave-free. We’ll tell you more about how we can achieve this together every month. And of course..share that choocolate and share our story. 'Cause we can only do it together!

questions you might have

One chocolate fan is not the other, so we created something for everyone: a temporary feast of 3, 6 or 12 months, or a continous subscription. All for €12,50 per month. You can activate, pause or stop the continuous subscription at any time, right from your comfortable rocking chair. The temporary subscriptions will stop automatically, easy right.

In the box that will land on your doormat every month you’ll find four half bars in two flavours. Enough for yourself and to share with your chocobuddies. We’ll tell you about our serious mission and..look for that little something extra too!

We deliver the boxes on the first day of every month. If that day is a Sunday, Monday or bank holiday, we pick a beautiful day right before, or right after.

No worries, the box fits right in your mailbox! Straigthen up that doormat.

Nope, we’re super flexible and you won’t be stuck with anything. You can pause or stop your subscription at any moment in your account. Right from your rocking chair. Your temporary subscription stops automatically.

The continous subscription is payed monthly through Direect Debit. The temporary subscriptions are paid upfront for the whole period. Whatever your choice - it’ll always be €12,50 per month.

Attention please! On the line where the bars for the subscription are produced, peanuts, nuts, milk, egg, gluten and soja are also used. It could be that trace elements of those ingredients end up in your bar. Of course, when you get the idea that the formula of the bar is totally wrong, please let us know via chocolateclub@tonyschocolonely.com.

For sure! Whatever you want. You can either take a temporary subscription which will stop automatically, or a continuous one which you can pause whenever you want.

With Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Club we want to make chocofans happy each and every month with new and crazy flavour combinations. That’s why our Spicegirl Eva and Count Chocolu Bas party every month! The half bars are easy to share too, one for you and one for your favorite chocobuddy. And.. we don’t do it for nothing. Raising awareness about the inequality in the chocolate industry is an important first step in our roadmap to achieving our mission of 100% slave-free chocolate worldwide. That’s why we want to reach as many people with our chocolate and mission as we can. So join the Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Club and share our chocolate and our story with your aunt, neighbour, collegue or BFF. Because only together we’ll make chocolate 100% slavefree.

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. We will start offering gift subscriptions in december, so very soon!

Sooo.. doormat-buddies 4 life?

join da Club!


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