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We’re salty about milk caramel seasalt

We’re salty about milk caramel seasalt
1 april 2021

Dear chocofans, this news is pretty heavy. But..all good things end, and that goes for our milk caramel seasalt bar as well.

We are totally salty about other brands copying this bar, without also copying our Tony’s sourcing principles for slave-free chocolate. They seem to be taking our mission...with a grain of salt.

We want to make all chocolate 100% slave-free. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. We cannot do it alone. We need all chocofans and all chocolate brands for this. And..with all the milk caramel seasalt bars you ate, you have joined that mission in a big way. Now, it’s time that Big Choco joins in as well. We’re making it easy for them, because they can copy our way of working via Tony’s Open Chain. And yet, they still only copy our flavour.. Not okay!

So.. that’s why we say (and it breaks our heart a little bit): salt off with this bar. We’re stopping sales of the bar and are going to focus on creating new classics to make new impact waves.

If you’re lucky you’ll still be able to find it in our chocoshop or in the supermarket. 

okay okay.. April’s fools! Our milk caramel seasalt is going nowhere. What did you think! Admit it..you were scared right?

Without you guys, it would never have gone as far as it did. So of course we're not scrapping it. Keep enjoying our delicious orange classic.

We keep inspiring other chocolate companies with our mission. Because only together we make all chocolate 100% slave-free.

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