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WARNING: Tony’s Limited Editions are being misused!

WARNING: Tony’s Limited Editions are being misused!
5 september 2017

Tony's name, brand and visuals abused.                                       
Abused.. what? We thought so too. We're always extremely enthousiastic when we can show you our new LImited Editions. Guess what. We're not the only ones. And that should be a compliment, but in this case it isn't.

Fact is, there is a company that is abusing our name, brand, visuals and our Limiteds. That sucks. For you, our chocolatefans who left data thinking it was us...and getting spam or calls as a result. And it also sucks for us. Because now our name is being associated with dubious practices.

What the hell is going on? 
The past few days some sponsored message have appeared on Instagram and Facebook calling chocofans to come and taste Tony's Limited Editions. This message DOES NOT come from Tony's Chocolonly. We're taking this very seriously and are trying to do everything in our power to stop this. This is our way to let you know that this is not our account, so don't leave your personal data with them. We've identified several sources, from a company in Panama to one in Malaysia to one here in Amsterdam, just around the corner..Something fishy is up. We've warned them and lawyered up to stop them and prevent this from happening in the future.

Please do NOT leave any personal details or data with them, because they will be used to spam you. They will not send you bars.

These are the pages you should avoid:

These are the fake accounts creating the sponsored messages on Facebook and Instagram: 'Choco Tony', 'ChocoTony', 'Tony Deals' and 'Tony Deals BEL'. Found more? Please let us know!

Is there something I can do?
Yes you can! Report the page, account and messages with Facebook and Instagram. Because only together we'll make chocolate 100% slave free (and keep our data safe).

For the future keep in mind that our campaigns are ONLY placed on our own website and social channels, nowhere else: 

Chocofans please note: due to delays at postal companies your package might be delivered later than usual. 

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