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Tony's truck on tour

Tony's truck on tour
3 oktober 2018

Everyone who has been to Tony's FAIR understands: our jaaFAIR meeting is very important to us. Not only because we share here how far we are with our mission, but also because being happy is deeply rooted in our DNA. Tony's FAIR is a party for everyone we work with, our chocolate fans and Team Tony's. A large part of our partners are in West Africa; Jup, we are talking about the cocoa farmers and cooperatives that we work with. That is why we also wanted to organize a Tony's FAIR there. How did we do that? We'll tell you all about it in this blog!

A party because it's possible
But hey, we are serious about people but crazy about chocolate, isn't it? And crazy about dancing, by the way. That is why we made the annual meetings in West Africa a party this year. We traveled from cooperative to cooperative with Tony's blue-red party truck and Ivorian cabaratier Magnific. With a quiz Magnific tested whether everyone had paid attention. After all, we think it is important that we know the farmers we work with, but that the farmers also know our mission well. Everyone succeeded? Okay, you can dance!
As a hit on the FAIR arrow ..
we close this financial year with our annual FAIR meeting in the Westergasfabriek. In the meantime it has become a real tradition to present our annual FAIR report with a lot of fuss at the end of every chocolate book year (which runs just differently than a normal financial year). With serious talks, music, games and good food. Are you in this year?
Concert for the entire city
To be happy, we have a high priority, remember? That's why we wanted to do something that not only makes our partner farmers happy, but something that makes all Ivorians happy. We also have a special potty for this; Tony's Handshake. Tony's Handshake is part of the impact budget that we spend on an activity in Ghana and Ivory Coast that does not necessarily touch on our mission, but that is simply very cool for the communities there. That's why we ended Tony's tour with a concert in Daloa. With a lot of effort (and missing a little bit of chocolate) we managed to catch Ivorian pop stars DJ Kerozen, TNT and Claire Bailly. Talking about making an impact, that night a lot of impact was made on the dance floor! With a little break, when the imam reminded the partygoers to remember to pray. Hey everybody, into the mosque, and after that the party continued!


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