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Our dream comes true; we are going to build a chocolate factory with roller coaster in Zaanstad!

30 november 2018
Tony’s Chocolate is going to build a chocolate factory with a roller coaster in Zaanstad.
There will be a mega chocolate factory that everyone can visit, with a roller coaster. Really. We have been dreaming of it for ages ... and it will really happen now. Whoop whoop straps. Tony’s Chocolonely has found a crazy location on the border of Zaanstad and Amsterdam: Pakhuis "De Vrede", on the IJ / North Sea Canal. "De Vrede" used to be used for the storage and handling of grains and seeds, including cocoa. An impressive building on the water with a beautiful story.

On November 13, Tony’s Chocolonely entered into the first obligation to purchase Pakhuis "De Vrede". The surrounding land will soon be set up as a public park and two new factories will be built for making chocolate and producing bars. In those factories, according to the fully transparent Tony’s Open Chain, chocolate will be made and this entire process can be seen by everyone.

Upside down

It will be a total experience. A Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus, where you can learn and experience everything about chocolate, the problems in the cocoa industry and what Tony’s Chocolonely does about it. Every year we ultimately want to receive 500,000 chocolate fans. With a ride on the roller coaster through the factory, we hope that visitors are so upset by Tony's mission that they will participate to realize it. Together making 100% slave free the norm in chocolate is leading in everything we do. In the national monument Pakhuis "De Vrede" the head office of Tony’s Chocolonely will be located and as we are used to with Tony's, the door is always open for everyone. The building therefore has a public character with restaurants, sports facilities and flex spaces for impact organizations.

It will be some time before the Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus opens its doors. But we have taken the first step. In a year or 3 it will be there. In the meantime, we will keep you informed.

Our Chief Chocolate Officer told the news yesterday on Tony’s FAIR. That was my party. Lots of cheers and hands in the air. We are SUPER happy and cannot wait. And you?

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