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New Tiny Tony's in a recyclable jacket

29 januari 2019

We’ve got new Tiny Tony’s! And – yowza - they’re in the shape of our slave free-button. The new Tiny’s are here in all flavours of the rainbow. And they’ve got a new jacket. At Tony’s we’re critical of all materials and ingredients we use. Read here more about our search for recyclable packaging for all Tiny’s here.. 

Quality and shelf life  

To guarantee the quality and the shelf life of our chocolate, we can’t only use paper. The packaging needs to be fully sealable and needs the protection of aluminum or plastic. That way the chocolate can be preserved for longer than three weeks. Thanks to the aluminum and plastic different types of flavors can be combined into one package.  


Our packaging team did a lot of research and we found the best recyclable option within packaging requirements and processability: foil made of mono-plastic (which means it’s made out of one sort of material). The plastic foil we chose for Tiny’s is made of mono-oriented poly propylene, category 5 within plastic packaging, and is completely recyclable. 

Best recyclable option: perception and reality  

Why didn’t we choose bio-degradable plastic? We did look into that! But bio-plastic takes too long to break down in nature. You can’t throw it away with the garden waste; because it doesn’t compost fast enough. And it can’t be recycled with other plastics. Besides that, bio-degradable plastic requires the cultivation of crops that aren’t always better than plastic (think about manure or deforestation). Hmm, it’s complicated. That’s what we thought. So many questions have crossed our minds in the past year. The decision we made is based on 100% recyclable packaging but it’s only recyclable if you separate your trash. And what if it does end up with the regular trash? No biggie, burning this plastic doesn’t create emissions or harmful substances.  

Yup, throw those packaging plastics in the bin 

But what if this foil ends up in the nature? Well, that’s not right. This mono-plastic doesn’t leave harmful substances, but it does take several years to dissolve. That’s why we ask everyone to take their responsibility and throw their empty Tiny’s packaging in the trash. This is what we wrote on the back of every Tiny as well. So.. time to recycle! How do you do that? You can use the plastic bin; then the packaging will be used as raw material.  

We keep an eye on following packaging developments closely. Got any questions or suggestions? Let us know if you have any or come by: our door is always open.  



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