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In Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar we serve crazy good choco creations and a serious mission

2 juli 2020

Yes! Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Bar in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam is open. A seriously crazy Chocolate Bar where everything revolves around chocolate and you can learn all about Tony's mission - together we’ll make 100% slave-free the norm in chocolate - while enjoying the tastiest chocolate creations.

let's raise the bar!

We are an impact company and are always looking for new ways to inspire you with our chocolate and our vision: 100% slave-free chocolate worldwide. It is not only a place where we can immerse people in our chocolate, but also a place where we want to make people aware of the unequally divided chocolate industry that results in modern slavery and illegal child labour on cocoa plantations in West Africa.

Visitors will experience this inequality in various ways inside the Bar - through the uneven tables, at the slightly-too-high bar and through the uniforms of the Barstars who serve you your treats. They are designed by Daniëlle Cathari (who became known for her collaborations with Adidas Originals and now brings her vision to life through her own brand) and produced by A Beautiful Mess (who support people with a refugee background in The Netherlands to succeed).

Let’s enjoy our time together (safely)  
At Tony's we like to do things together, and we love meeting our choco fans and everyone who is helping us to change the chocolate industry in person. That’s been a little more tricky recently and we’ve missed you, but Tony’s Chocolate Bar is the perfect place for us to be reunited.  We’re taking all the right precautions to ensure you can safely enjoy a crazy shake, Tonyccino or unequally divided game of checkers with your friends and family, and have precious time together once more. Keep your eyes peeled for the ongoing calendar of art, music and inspirational speakers we’ll be hosting too.

The other side of the Dutch colonial history

On the facade of the Beurs van Berlage is a statue of J.P. Coen, a controversial historical figure and certainly not a hero if you ask us. As a brand dedicated to eradicating modern slavery and illegal child labor in the cocoa industry, awareness and education play a big role in our mission. So, as Tony’s we feel that we need to raise awareness of the statue’s history. We think it is important to highlight the other side of the story and to shed light on the Dutch colonial past. We want to make history visible and not shy away from it, but learn from it. Together with the Beurs van Berlage we have therefore issued a joint statement, which you will find outside at the entrance of the Bar. We think it’s important that our choco fans, in addition to enjoying our chocolate and learning more about our mission, also learn more about the colonial history of this location. And we invite choco fans to join us in the conversation - both inside the bar and online, so that we can work together towards a better and more equal world for everyone.

Come by and say hi!

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar is located in the Beurs van Berlage on Damrak 213, close to our Super Store and open every day from 10am-9pm. Reservations are not needed, just drop by whenever you feel like.

For more information and our menu, please check the website of the Chocolate Bar.

And uh.. follow Tony’s Chocolate Bar on Instagram and Facebook for crazy good choco-updates and our mission.

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