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Terms & Conditions - Tesco Competition

Terms &  Conditions - Tesco competition
30th September 2021
By Tony's Chocolonely

Thank you for joining our competition to win a year's supply of Tony's.


- Participation in this action is completely free of charge.

- Participation in the action takes place when you have shared a photo of your Tony's purchase in Tesco using the hashtag ‘BasketOfBars’.  

- Competition closes Thursday 14th of October at 12PM.

Personal data:

- Personal data of participants will not be released and provided to external parties without consultation.

- Personal data of participants will not be used without permission to subscribe to the newsletter.

- All actions are subject to UK law.


- A total of 2 winners will be chosen from Instagram. The prize up for grabs is a year's supply of chocolate (52 bars).

- We will contact the winner individually via private message or email. The winner will have 24 hours to answer before an additional person is contacted.

- Tony's Chocolonely is authorised to exclude persons from participation in case of suspicion of illegal participation or fraud.

- Participants who have not won the competition will not be notified of this.

- It is not possible to exchange the won product for another product or amount of money.

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