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our timeline

We've been striving for slave free chocolate for the past 14 years, and have been supported, encouraged, challenged and eaten by many. We're aware of the challenges of trying to change the cocoa industry, but we'll keep going till our mission has been accomplished. We've grown significantly in the past years and have achieved a lot. Slide through our timeline to read about our story!
drag me!

Teun turns himself in as a chocolate criminal


Teun looks for witnesses


the first Tony’s bar becomes a reality


Tony’s becomes legit


on our way to 100% slave free


Establishment of the Verkade Foundation and Fairtrade Milka


Start of 'Tony’s in Africa' research project


the hazelnut issue


Harkin-Engel objectives are not met


we switch to unevenly divided bars


Bean to bar becomes a reality


Tony's premium


Tony's goes international


traceable cocoa butter


Tony's Goes UK!

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Impact beans

with this purchase you help local entrepeneurs in West-Africa to sell beans for a fair price