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Hello, this is Tony's

Are you convinced the next chocolate bar should be cotton candy flavoured? Do you have a funny story about a crazy neighbour who wrapped her bike with Tony’s wrappers? Or maybe you’re just interested in asking us a few questions completely unrelated to chocolate..Tell us!
To make it easier for you we made a little form ->

For media enquiries:

Prefer calling?
Chocophone: +44 20 3787 4135

We can make chocolate out of (almost) anything!

Thanks for letting us know that you're not happy about something. Of course we want to do something about this. To investigate, we need the following info. And 'um, don't forget to keep the wrapper / carton, and to add a picture to send to us.
The more info, the easier it is for us to find out what happened. Can you send your bar to the address below. Thank you very plenty.

Tony’s Chocolonely
For: Office Champion
Pazzanistraat 1
1014 DB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Don't forget to add your name to the bar, or write us a nice letter. Once we have all your details and bars, we'll send you something to make up for this. That's how we roll.

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