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The Good Egg Easter Choco Scorecard

The Good Egg Easter Choco Scorecard
31 March 2021

We’re honored that our efforts to change the chocolate industry from within  have been recognised with the Good Egg Award on the Easter Chocolate Scorecard. 


The Easter Chocolate Scorecard is an annual shopping guide to help Choco Fans understand how different chocolate companies score on key sustainability issues. It’s put together by five big-name organisations – Mighty Earth, Be Slavery Free, Green America, INKOTA and National Wildlife Federation – who base the results on 60 questions focused on some of the most pressing sustainability issues facing the chocolate industry today.

This year, we won the Good Egg Award for leading the industry in changing social and sustainable policies through:

  • Due Diligence
  • Traceability & Transparancy
  • Living Income
  • Child Labour
  • Deforestation and climate

But.. we’ve still got one egg to crack. We’re not there yet on our agroforestry policies. Don’t worry, we’re already hatching plans to raise our score.

We were also joined on the podium by other Good Eggs Alter Eco and Whittaker — which makes us super happy, because the more winners there are on the scorecard, the more winners there are in the real world.

Sadly, corporate accountability and responsibility are not so widespread across the industry. Storck received the Rotten Egg Award for its poor sustainability performance, and most Big Chocos had red eggs warning of bad or absent policies. There’s still a lot of work to be done — and you can bet we’ll keep egging the world on toward human rights due diligence legislation. Because only together we’ll make all chocolate 100% slave free.  

Download the scorecard as a PDF or read more about it on the Mighty Earth website.

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