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Running an impact business from home

1 April 2020


would like to share something with you. It is really hurting me to see how hard the COVID-19 crisis is impacting people worldwide. We are thinking of you all, especially those who are unwell and who are concerned for loved ones. We deeply respect those who are providing care and assistance to others, and teachers who are educating from afar. 

It hurts me to see so many small entrepreneurs struggling at the moment, but we know it is for the greater good and I hope that we as entrepreneurs can truly support each other during this period. At the same time, to be honest, I am annoyed by many large companies that have made a lot of money over the years, at the expense of people and planet, who are now trying to make themselves look good with corona-related initiatives, or worse, even making a lot of money from this situation. I believe that taking responsibility should be a basic principle for all companies, not just in times of crisis.
I hope that things will improve for us all soon, but let’s not allow things to go back to the way they were. Let's learn from the past and paint the future we all want to see, now. Let’s agree to ban the term "social enterprise" and ensure that soon there will only be companies, or anti-social companies. Only then can we build a world together in which social and sustainable companies are the norm rather than the exception. Being an entrepreneur means taking responsibility -  please take care of the people in your team, in your entire supply chain, in your local community and minimise your impact on our planet. Let's make social businesses the new normal together.
Stay at home, stay safe and enjoy some chocolate.

Henk Jan Beltman
Chief Chocolate Officer

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