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Investors Verlinvest and JamJar invest in our mission!

Investors Verlinvest and JamJar invest in our mission!
24 February 2020

To this day, the chocolate industry is still not 100% slave free. That's why we’re going to shake things up in the coming years. We need to take major steps to make worldwide impact. 

The international growth of Tony’s will help us to involve more people – farmers, consumers, retailers, other chocolate companies and governments – in our mission to make chocolate 100% slave free. 

Additionally, we are going to make impact with Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus (Remember?and reach even more chocolate fans by inviting them to visit and to show them how chocolate is really made. Everybody who visits will know about the inequality in the chocolate industry. But such a Circus requires some serious financial acrobatics, so we went on the hunt for investors - big companies who support our mission and want to lend a hand to grow our brand and our community of serious friends. 

We have had many conversations recently and the word is finally out: we are going to work with Verlinvest and JamJar! We’re really proud of this, ‘cause Verlinvest is an investment company which has also invested in super cool sustainable brands like Oatly and Vita Coco. Investment company JamJar was founded by innocent drinks founders (eh, juicy fact: some of our Tony’s used to work there too!) 

So.. what does this all mean in practice? Well, Ben Black from Verlinvest and Adam Balon from JamJar are joining our Supervisory Board, but 51% of the voting rights remain in the hands of our very own Henk Jan. In addition to Henk Jan, Maurice Dekkers (one of the journalists that founded Tony’s) and Eveline Raymans (our former managing director) will retain their share in Tony’s too. And 15% of the shares are kept safely in the hands of Team Tony’s (if ya wanna know how that works check out our annual FAIR report). That means that there won’t be any changes to our mission, or to our daily office dance parties. 

Let’s raise the bar! 

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