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Tony's FAIR F.A.Q.

Tony's FAIR is almost here! On thursday november 29th we present Tony's annual report during the best party of the year. We're looking back on the past two years and we're looking forward to the year to come. Got a question about the FAIR? Check out the answers below.


What is Tony's FAIR? 

During Tony's FAIR we present our annual report. We look back on the past yea and look forward to the year that is coming and everything we plan to do; raise the bar! 

We have a line-up with inspiring speakers and in the evening we celebrate with lots of chocoalte, games in the chocoplayground and fantastic artists. This all to involve you in our mission. Because only together we can make chocolate 100% slave free. 

Want to know more? Keep an eye on our website and our social media. 

What is the price of a token? 

There is enough chocolate to taste and water is free. For everything you can pay with tokens. The token price at Tony's FAIR 2018 is €2,50. You can buy your tokens with cash money or your debit card. 

Can I eat vegan/vegetarian at the FAIR? 

Yes, you can! Every year we try to offer a diverse range of foodstands, including a wide choice of vegan and vegetarian dishes. And.. every foodstand makes its own dish with Tony's chocolate!  

Is there a guarded wardrobe? 

There are lockers available where you can keep all of your valuable things. To use a locker, you pay a deposit, which you get back when you empty your locker. 

Do you need an ID or is there an age limit? 

There's no minimum age but we avise not to bring children younger than 16 years old. Visitors younger than 18 years old receive a different wristband which doesn't allow to order any alcohol. 

How do I get to Tony's FAIR? 

You'll find De Gashouder at Klönneplein 1 in Amsterdam (close to Tony's headquarters, hihi). From Amsterdam Central Station you can take bus 21 and get out at Van Hallstraat (that's the name of the stop). 

Who to reach when I've got any questions? 

If you have a question about your ticket, please contact Eventbrite Support. If you have a question about the program, email your question to Call our chocophone at 020 205 1200 or reach out on social media. 

What is the refund policy? 

We don't do any refunds unfortunately. If you want to sell your ticket, we recommend you to do this through Ticketswap. But.. you can always give it to one of your friends ofcourse. 


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