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Why we still won't say we're 100% slave free

It’s been a loooong 13 years – years in which we’ve been supported, encouraged, challenged and eaten up. By now we certainly know how difficult it can be to change an industry. We’ve grown tremendously: more farmers are receiving a higher premium, we’ve got a larger range of bars and we’re making Serious Friends left and right. We’ve definitely achieved concrete results, but.. we’re not quite there yet.

Tony’s choice: let’s fight the good fight
Anyone who has an inkling about us knows that running away isn’t our thing. That’s why we’re deliberately staying in West Africa, working where the social abuses are at their worst. We’re there where chocolate giants, Big Choco, buy their cocoa.

Fight or flight
We could have chosen the path of least resistance. We could have just said “our chocolate is 100% slave free, pinkie promise.” We could have moved out of West Africa and bought cocoa from areas where such injustices don’t happen. We could have started our own fully controlled farm. But we did none of the above. Why? Because ab-so-lute-ly nothing would have changed for the 2.5 million exploited farmers and their families in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.


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