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warm weather shipping

Things are heating up!

Hey Serious Friends, 

It's that time of year again - flowers are starting to bloom, days are getting longer and around the country things are starting to heat up. That means it's time to update you on our summer plans. 

Unlike in previous years, this time around we've decided to cancel summer shipping. Our chocoshop will close on April 30th at 5pm PST and remain closed until October 1st. Bummer, we know. 

It was a hard choice for us to make, but we're convinced that it's the right one, not only for Tony's, but for the planet too. Summer shipping prices continue to increase, which means supporting our business model and our partners in West Africa becomes more challenging too. Not to mention that in summer we have to make sure bars arrive within 2 days and with lots of extra materials to prevent melting, which means buying the majority of them a plane ticket. That creates ehm.. a lot more carbon emissions and waste than we're proud of. 

In the meantime, you can still get your Tony's fix by ordering from us through Amazon, from our friends at Thrive Market or in your local market. If you're not sure who sells Tony's near you, check out our store locator

And remember, don't be a stranger! We're always happy to answer your questions on social media or at mailus@tonyschocolonely.com.


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