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Tony's goes international

To change the chocolate industry from within, we need to get the large chocolate giants to notice us. Most of them are located in the.. U.S. of A.

Let's make some impact

We’ve been selling our bars in the US for over two years now. The ripple that started in Portland is spreading; almost all the stores in the States now stock Tony’s!

The US is home to three of the five largest players. Together, they control more than 35% of the worldwide chocolate market. That’s what we call a golden market to have an impact on.

And things are going well in the US: our revenue quadrupled over the past year, rising from $ 550,000 to $ 2.4 million. Let’s roll! We take our US ambition very seriously: we’ll be shoring up our operations and we aim to increase our revenue to 7 million euros. You can’t blame us for thinking big in a country like the US!

A great story to tell

One of our priorities is that we need to spend more time and energy on marketing in the US. Selling products isn't the same as creating awareness. We have a good story and what country loves a good story better than the US? Our main challenge is to create a buzz about slave-free chocolate. And once we’ve gained momentum, things will move fast. Mark our words.


Belgium, Scandinavia and Germany

In Europe, the Netherlands is definitely not the only country where people eat chocolate. Belgians and Swedes love it too. So, you can find us in an increasing number of countries. We’ll actually be entering the Finnish, Norwegian and German market shortly. ‘Supertoll!’, as they would say in Germany.


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