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Tony's roadmap

We have a clear idea of how to achieve our mission This is described in the three pillars of our roadmap. The roadmap explains how we, as a chocolate company, want to change the cocoa industry from the inside and achieve our mission: “together we make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate.” Each pillar has two or three strategies.

Tony's roadmap. What has changed?

There has been a lot of progress in the past years regarding our first and second pillars of action: create awareness and lead by example. For instance, we've started distinguishing between our activities, results and the impact we hope to achieve. This helps us set and monitor our goals.

  • 2016 and 2017 were once again years of exceptional growth for Tony’s Chocolonely: we managed to achieve a whopping 53% growth.
  • We grew in terms of revenue, the number of bars we sold and the amount of cocoa we used.
  • We managed to have an impact on approximately 4,318 farmers in West Africa. We're currently working with 6 West African cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast; 2 in Ghana (ABOCFA and Suhum Union) and 4 in Ivory Coast (Kapatchiva, ECAM, Socoopacdi and ECOJAD).
  • We grew in terms of the impact we had on people in the Netherlands and outside of  the Netherlands.

Achieving goals by taking action

This what we do (our input) to achieve a particular goal (the output). We're assuming that once we achieve these goals, we'll have managed to make  100% slave free the norm in the chocolate industry. We’re continuously learning, so our roadmap usually needs a bit of fine tuning every year. We're always very critical of ourselves, our approach and our results. That’s why our roadmap is important, in everything we do. And of course, you want to know how things are going! Well, we asked the accounting firm PwC to review our financial figures. In addition, PwC also performed an *ahem* “external verification of nine non-financial performance indicators”. They did what? Well, what this basically means is: this assessment helps prove that what we’re doing to achieve our missionis important, works, and can be implemented by other chocolate companies. Every year, we’re trying to show this more and more thoroughly.

Important to know: we weren't able to use standard sustainability indicators
because we wanted to specifically look at indicators that were directly linked to our roadmap and the impact we want to achieve. So that’s why we drew up our own indicators.
We're planning to add more impact indicators to the external review in the future.. This year,
we also applied for the General Reporting Initiative Standards content stamp. And we got it! Want to know what PwC thought of it all? Go to page 38 and check out the results in our Annual FAIR report. Let’s take you on a quick roadmap trip. Please fasten your seatbelt.


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