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New Digs

New Digs
October 03, 2021
Back in 2015 we got our passports ready, packed our bags and brought Tony's Chocolonely to the US. We chose Portland as our US homebase. The community in Portland seemed to care about their food and the story behind it. Not to mention, with all the rain, bridges and beer it seemed quite similar to Amsterdam. So, naturally, we felt right at home. 

We started with just one Tony in Portland, in a coworking space. Before we knew it we were a team of nine, and our office was getting a little snug. So, we started the hunt for a new space. After six months, we found the place. It needed a touch of Tony's, but the historical building with exposed brick and big windows had potential. A few months and a little elbow grease later, and we've got our new digs. Woohoo!

Wanna see how to kick it like a Tony? Come on in, we'll give you the full tour. 

In our new office, we've got an open floor plan, this way we can all see and talk to each other. Hiii, Peter! And every six months we play a game of desk bingo to see where we'll all sit. We think it's nice to spend some time with Tony's we wouldn't normally work with.

At Tony's we're crazy about chocolate and serious about people. And you'll see that in our office, in fact, our dining table even says so! Our five sourcing principles (also known as our ingredients for slave-free chocolate) are always in view above our meeting room. 

You’re a Tony when you’re critical, outspoken, willful and you do things in a way that makes us all smile. We call these our company values, and we've got reminders of 'em right by our desks.

Food is no small part of Tony's culture. We eat a healthy lunch together every day, and regularly take breaks for some Stroopwaffle and a coffee. So, our kitchen and dining room were held to some pretty high standards. A table fit for twelve? Check. Fridge full of goodies? Check. Espresso machine? Check!

Of course, we couldn't forget our choco fans. We've got a whole wall for the mail you send us! We love to hear from choco fans, and every once in a while we'll meet some of you too. Although we're an office (and not a store) we'll get visitors from time to time looking for Tony's. So much in fact that we started a guest book. Will we get your autograph next?

Last, but not least, we put on a few touches that make our space totally Tony's. You'll find red astroturf in every Tony's office. And the disco ball is a must. These are the kinds of things that give us a global feel - which means whether you're in Amsterdam, London or Portland, you know you're at Tony's.
We've got all kinds of goodies at Tony's Chocolonely US, but the most important is chocolate. We keep our full rainbow (plus a few extra surprises) in our secret stash for safe keeping. If you guess the password, you'll get the key!

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