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Good Eggs, Rotten Eggs

Good Eggs, Rotten Eggs
April 08, 2022

The results of this year’s Chocolate Scorecard are in: Tony’s has officially been crowned an Industry Leader (alongside Beyond Good, Alter Eco and Whittakers). The independent panel explains, “You can buy products from these brands with confidence you're not harming the people who make them, or the planet.”

We’re proud to be on the list of good choco brands happily hopping their way into Easter (aka peak choco shopping season).

In an eggshell 
Every spring, the hunt begins anew: Mighty Earth, Be Exploitation Free, Green America, INKOTA and National Wildlife Federation join forces, searching far and wide for the chocolate industry’s sustainability frontrunners and rottenest practices. The world’s top cocoa traders and choco makers are served 60 hard-shelled questions around:
• traceability & transparency
• living income
• child labor
• deforestation & climate
• agroforestry
• agrichemical management

And the winner is..
We’re all about celebrating each other’s successes. Egg-specially when it comes to serious things like combatting child labor and paying farmers a fair price for their cocoa. In that spirit, bunny ears off to Beyond Good for taking home this year’s Golden Egg Award! With 6 green eggs in their basket, they definitely deserve this win.

As for ourselves, with 5 green and 1 yellow egg* in our basket and a green egg overall, we’re egg-straordinarily pumped to be among the ranks of those leading the chocolate industry in ways that are good for people and the planet.

*Speaking of yellow eggs: we received 1 in the ‘deforestation & climate’ category ‘cause we haven't included scopes and science-backed targets in our public reporting (yet). The good news is: implementing target verification at Tony’s are already in the works - by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). An egg-cellent reminder that sustainability is not about sustaining the status quo but striving to improve current circumstances.

Call it fate or call it karma. We call it: changing the choco industry from within!

Egg-sposing rotten choc
Devastatingly –and there’s really no sugarcoating this – Storck claims its moment of fame with a Rotten Egg Award (for the 2nd year running) for lack of transparency and being unreasonable. Closely followed by General Mills and Starbucks, who (also) received broken eggs for refusing to engage with the scorecard altogether.

As you scroll down the scorecard, you’ll also see the numbers of yellow, orange and red eggs quickly stacking up for familiar faces – Unilever, Ritter Sport, Godiva, Kellog's, to name just a few.

Dreamin’ of a bright(er) future with only good eggs in everyone’s baskets
Now, don’t let that trick you into thinking the Grinch is gonna steal Easter.   In fact, these sustainability spoon races have the potential to be brighter than bright. IF - that is – choco brands start makin’ better choices.  

Calling on Big Choco:
We challenge you to make 2023 (and beyond) a challenge for who can do best. Team up with us on Tony’s Open Chain - we’d love to collaborate with you on cocoa (but compete with you on chocolate).

To all Choco Fans:
Choose change this Easter! As the scorecard clearly highlights – unsustainable choco comes with a list of unsavory things, like a side of chemicals and the bitter aftertaste of child labor. Instead, fill your baskets with good eggs all around. And help us make 100% exploitation free the norm in chocolate.

Egg-amine the entire Chocolate Scorecard here!

Fall is here and so are reduced shipping prices! There's never been a better time to choco stock up for a cozy autumn 🍁



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