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Documentaries about human trafficking you need to watch

October 03, 2021

Today is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. An important day to reflect on human trafficking, as 40.3 million people still are victims of human trafficking (International Labor Organization). Unfortunately, it's a problem that also exists in the cocoa industry and in many other industries. Which ones.. ? We’ll share a number of movie recommendations. They are shocking but very important to be aware of:


The Dark Side of Chocolate (2010)

Children from Burkina Faso are trafficked to work on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast and Ghana. This documentary shows - as the title suggests - the dark side of chocolate. You can watch it on Top Documentary films or on YouTube


I am Jane Doe (2017)

This documentary you can stream on Netflix. It's about human trafficking in the sex industry right here in America. As in many cases, a lack of legislation makes it an industry that is challenging to approach. You can check out the trailer on YouTube.


In Plain Sight (2018)

This documentary examines how young girls are targeted by sex traffickers in America, told in gruesome detail. The internet plays a major role. And oh yes, you can stream it (paid) on Amazon. Click here to watch the trailer. 


The Ugly Face of Beauty: is child labour the foundation for your make-up? (2016)

Yep, the glitters in your makeup are also largely a product of child labor. This documentary explores India's illegal "mica" mines. You can stream this short (24 minute) film now on YouTube.


The Gost Fleet (2019) 
In Thailand the demand for fish for export is growing more, but there is a vast shortage of fishermen. Men from Cambodia, Bangladesh and Myanmar are being recruited and put to work on boats with big promises, so they'll go on a journey from which they won't return... Watch the trailer for this one here; the documentary is still being screened and is not yet available online, so keep an eye out for it. Today, for example, it's being screened in Seattle

Prefer to read? Read the stories of STOP THE TRAFFIK

On STOPTHETRAFFIK.org you can read stories of individuals caught in the trap of human trafficking. 


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