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Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse
June 21, 2019

What’s more fun than being crazy about chocolate? Being crazy about chocolate desserts! And we sure are. For a project we called “Not Just Desserts” we worked with talented pastry chefs and photographer Carly Diaz to share our chocolate and our story through desserts. Pretty neat, huh? 


The first recipe we’ll share with you is the choco creation of Portland’s own pastry chef Kristen Murray – Tony’s Chocolonely Mousse! We know, we’re pretty excited too.  

The mousse is rich and creamy dreamy, topped with beet-poached lady apples, chocolate and wild rose petals, and don’t forget the generous dollop of whipped cream! It sounds fancy, but it’s something choco fans everywhere can recreate for a sweet summer dessert. Or snack. Or breakfast. Or you know, whatever your thing is.  
The best part is that this recipe serves 12 whole choco fans! That means you can share your superb cheff skills with your friends and family while sharing our chocolate and our story. That’s like.. 4 birds with one stone if you count enjoying the dessert yourself.  
Here’s how to make it.. But heads up, you’ll want to make it at least a day before you plan on eating it – some of the ingredients need to rest for a day.  

Stuff you’ll need 


litre heavy cream 

35 g cocoa nib 

375 g milk chocolate bar, chopped finely 

375 g dark chocolate bar, chopped finely 

9 egg yolks 

250 g fine sugar, separate out 75 g and 175 g of sugar into two bowls 

fine sea salt 

whipped cream 

toppings like extra chopped chocolate, wild rose petals, seasonal berries, or poached apple or pear 




Baking sheet 

Mortar and pestle (or the sheer will to crush things) 

Room in the fridge 

Pot (the kind you put on the stove) 

Electric stand mixer, electric hand mixer, or a whisk and lots of energy 

Double boiler  

Mixing bowl, two regular bowls 

Candy thermometer  

An imagination 

Serving cups  

Heat oven to 325 F. Spread cocoa nib on a baking sheet in a single layer and cook for 10 minutes. Remove, let em cool off a bit, then crush in a mortar and pestle. 

Slowly warm cream in pot on the stove. Add toasted cocoa nibs to cream and let the mingle for 20 minutes. Refrigerate cream and cocoa nibs for at least 24 hours.  
When it’s done resting, whip the cream till it’s medium firm.  

Combine the dark and milk chocolate in a double boiler. Place the bowl over a small pot filled halfway with water over medium heat, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. When the chocolate starts to melt, stir until it’s nice and smooth. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and set it aside for now. 

Place the egg yolks in the bowl of an electric stand mixer with the whisk attachment, or just your average bowl and use and electric hand mixer. Beat on the low setting while slowly adding in the 75g of sugar. Promptly imagine the eggs singing Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On me”.  

In a small pot, add the remaining 175g sugar and 25-35 g of water. Measuring with a candy thermometer, heat sugar and water to 250 Fahrenheit. Then slowly add to the egg yolk and sugar mixture in using the handy dandy electric mixer. Whip till viscous with a pale yellow appearance and cool to the touch. Pro tip: don’t stick your fingers in while the mixer’s on. 

Fold egg and sugar mixture into the chocolate mixture in three small batches. Add a pinch of sea salt. Gently fold in whipped cocoa nib cream in three small batches.  

Place in some cute serving cups layered with whipped cream and toppings of your choice. Grab a spoon. Grab some friends. Dig in! 

Stop the presses! Okay, so technically nothing has actually stopped, but orders from our Chocoshop may be moving slower than usual due to all these holiday orders. Blame Santa, and hang tight, okay?

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