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no tricks, all treats

it’s that time of year again, spooky season!

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays, and it’s no surprise why. What makes Halloween so much fun is the spookiness of it all. From nights of frights watching scary movies, to trips to haunted houses to looking back on November 1st at how much candy you ate the night before. The spookiest things about Halloween should be the sweetest, but not all of them are. The scariest thing about Halloween isn’t the hocus pocus or the scary costumes marching down the street, it’s that the chocolate we give to children might be made by children.

That’s why we made our Halloween Tiny Tony’s! These creamy milk chocolate bites filled with crunchy caramel and flakey sea salt are Fairtrade certified and traceable from bean to bar. Or, ehm, traceable from bean to tiny. Each Tiny is incredibly delicious AND works hard to help end modern slavery and illegal child labor in the cocoa industry. Spooktacular!

buy the Tiny’s here

spooky halloween diy crafts

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