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design your own big bar

Looking for a creative gift? Celebrating? You just want a chic bar with your own logo or design? This is your chance...go nuts and design your own bar in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign!

With Tony’s, you can personalize our big bars! Our big personalized bars are wonderful choco gifts on birthdays, events, or even as a special business card. ​​​

Are you a professional designer? Or you know one that can help you? Designers can go all out with these templates for Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. Everything for the ultimate personalized bar.

how does this work?

1. download the template and specs
Download the template for Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. The download includes the specs, rules and sample file of a wrapper.

Illustrator template & instructions

2. perform your magic
Veeery important: read the specifications and rules before designing your wrapper. You can’t change the back, because we want to leave room for our story and ingredient declaration. But..you can go com-plete-ly nuts on the rest.

Place your order by sending the following information to mytonysus@tonyschocolonely.com

  • Account (create one here, make sure you register as a business if you order as one)
  • Invoice address
  • Delivery address
  • Flavor / flavors
  • Amount of bars
  • PO-number your invoice (optional)
  • Milk
  • Milk Caramel Sea Salt
  • Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee
  • Dark Almond Sea Salt

Processing: Up to 500 bars will take about 4 to 5 business days after signoff; if you order over 500 bars, we will give you a personalized indication on lead time as this may vary per order.

Shipping: Ranges from 2 to 5 business days depending on location.

We advice against it because of the print quality will be bad. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign for this job. 

While we love a good Tony’fyed bar, we don’t offer design services. If you just can’t get enough of our only-Tony’s style, hang tight until our personalized hard launch to get access to DIY Tony’s templates. If you’re unsure of how to go about personalizing our wrapper, check out our guidelines or consider calling in a designer.

Personalized bars are meant to gift to others. So.. we don’t permit reselling the personalized bars. Surprise your bestie, colleague, grandma or neighbour with them. Way more fun!

I'm going to need some more help with this

please contact me, here are my details:

the small print


Pricing per personalized bar (6.35 oz) ex. sales tax.

1-5 bars: $ 7.95
6-15 bars: $ 7.75
16-60 bars: $7.50
61-100 bars: $ 7.25
101-150 bars: $ 7.00
151-250 bars: $ 6.75
251-500 bars: $ 6.50
501-1,000 bars: $ 6.25
1,001-1,500 bars: $ 6.00
1,501-2,000 bars: $ 5.75
2,001-3,000 bars: $ 5.50
3,001-5,000 bars: $ 5.25
5,001-10,000 bars: $ 5.00
10000 or more: $ 4.75

Wanna order even more? Mail us before you order.

shipping costs

(ex sales tax)

Where do you live?

How much are you ordering?

What's the shipping rate?

FL, TXUp to $85$14.95 
FL, TX$86-$265$24.95 
FL, TX$266-620$34.95
FL, TX$621-$1,800$64.95
FL, TX$1,801+$104.95

All other states

Up to $85$9.95 

All other states


All other states

All other states$621-$1,800$44.95
All other states$1,801+$84.95

delivery times

Processing: Up to 500 bars will take about 4 to 5 business days after signoff; if you order over 500 bars, we will give you a personalized indication on lead time as this may vary per order.

Shipping: Ranges from 2 to 5 business days depending on location.

one more thing

  • if the design does not comply to the specifications and rules, someone from Tony's will contact you.
  • For orders by e-mail through mytonysus@tonyschocolonely.com the delivery times are counted starting from the moment you get the order confirmation by mail.
  • Are you having trouble? Take a peek at the FAQ or send an email to mytonysus@tonyschocolonely.com.

flavors and shelf life

This is an indication, not a guarantee:

Milk, milk caramel seasalt, dark almond seasalt: 9 months after personalizing

Dark milk pretzel toffee: 6 months after personalizing

ATTENTION CHOCO FANS: make sure to order all of your Christmas gifts before December 13th in order to have your best chance of receiving in time for the big day!

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