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Consumers: power to the chocofans

Hey, choco fan! This one’s for you. Do you realize how much power you have? You make choices every day, and what you choose to buy makes a difference. Do you want to pay a fair price for the products you put in your basket – one that everyone in the supply chain is happy with? You can demand transparency, traceability and sustainable business practices. Really!? Yep. And one way is to share our story and our chocolate.

Serious friends
We now have 8,569 Serious Friends in the Netherlands and the U.S.,. And by Serious Friends we mean choco friends who have contacted us through our website or in some other way. We want to get to know them, inspire them, stay in touch and provide them with resources so that together they can make an impact. Because, hey, you don’t get far without friends.

Tony’s Super Store
It was a long time coming! (Drum roll, if you please..) On Friday, April 13, we opened a Super Store at the Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam. (It was one of the first places cocoa was traded at the beginning of the 20th century!) And, yep, you read it right. It was Friday the 13th but this year it wasn’t an unlucky day. Tony’s Superstars couldn’t wait to start showing choco friends around our brand-new store.

Strange bristles in your chocolate??!
Having to issue a product recall in May was a setback. Bristles were found in several of our bars and we took immediate action. Bristles had been found in a sieve used to produce our bars. “Huh?!” we thought, “How come there are bristles in our chocolate???” Well.., new tanks had just been installed at the factory. Before the first production run, new couverture (liquid chocolate) tanks are coated (the brush is similar to a wallpaper brush) with a fine layer of cocoa butter.  And, as you can probably guess, some of the bristles had fallen out of the brush and ended up in the chocolate. We notified consumers through our website, social media channels and by email. We also issued a press release to all national media. Anyone who had purchased a bar with the same batch number could return it to us for a refund.

Numbers pleazzzze
They showed that last year awareness of cocoa farm slavery among choco friends increased from 64% of 67%. We’re pleased about this. It represents a sig-nif-i-cant increase in one of the key brand success indicators for the first pillar of our roadmap: Tony’s creates awareness. Our target was 66% and we actually slightly exceeded it. Kaboom!


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