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Global Citizen Activist Kits

get your sweet activist together

Global Citizen Activist Kits
Global Citizen Activist Kits
Global Citizen Activist Kits
Global Citizen Activist Kits
Global Citizen Activist Kits


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NOTE: This product is only available for Global Citizens with a redemption code. All other orders will not be processed. Only one kit per Global Citizen, all orders with more than one kit will not be processed. 

Hey, Global Citizen! Thanks for taking action to make the world a sweeter place. You've earned this #SweetSolution activist kit! To redeem yours, just follow these steps:

1. Add this product to your basket.
2. Go to checkout by clicking the bag icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
3. Log in or create an account.
4. Enter your redemption code in the box that says "I have a discount code" and click "check my code". Your order total and shipping cost estimate should now be $0.
5. Fill out the form with your order information.
6. Finalize and order your kit!

Curious what these activist kits are all about? Our vision is that chocolate needs to be 100% slave free. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate. Our Sweet Solution bars are our way of saying we all need to work together to make this vision a reality.

True, these bars may not be as good as the originals. But honestly, we think they’re better. All profits from the bars will be donated to 100WEEKS, an independent platform
that uses direct cash transfers and financial training to assist women in escaping the cycle of extreme poverty.

Questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing mailus@tonyschocolonely.com!

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