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Limited Editions 2018

Good news for all the caramel fans and cookie monsters; Tony's Limiteds Editions are packed with caramel and cookies this year (and since we're crazy about chocolate, we threw in some nuts). This year we added caramel and shortbread to our 32% milk chocolate, a 51% dark chocolate cocoa cookie caramel and a 28% blonde chocolate caramelized pecan. Woah woah.. blonde?! Yep, that's a first for us; white chocolate with a touch of cocoa. And uh.. that's not all. Our new Limiteds also have very special wrappers. The designs are inspired by African prints and no two are the same! That's right. We used a special algorithm that changes the pattern on every single bar. Cool, eh?

‘one of a kind’ wrappers
The colorful wrappers are based on three patterns inspired by African design. Fun fact: every wrapper has a completely unique design thanks to an algorithm that created more than 50,000 unique prints. Not one is the same, so these bars are really one of a kind!
collaboration with Afriek 
to celebrate our Limited Editions 2018 we partnered with Afriek. Afriek is a Dutch fashion brand on a mission to change the stereotypical image of Africa. Afriek makes clothes with tailors from Rwanda and, just like us, loves direct and equal business relationships particularly in the beginning of the production chain where people have less power and live in extreme poverty. Together we have made a collection of cotton tote bags with a special print; namely prints from our Limited Wrappers. Just like the bars, all bags are one of a kind and the maker's name is sewn on the inside of the bag. The bags are handmade in Kigali, Rwanda. 'From Africa with love'.
Limiteds Tote Bags
The bags will be sold as sets exclusively on tonyschocolonely.com starting in September. The set includes 3 Limited Edition bars + an AFRIEK bag of your choice for $24.99. Hurry because once they're gone.. they're gone!

Tony's Limited Editions 2018

Sink your teeth in this Limited Edition: crispy shortbread and sticky caramel in creamy milk chocolate. Try and say no to that.. Go shorty

Tony's first blonde bar: white chocolate with a little bit of dark chocolate mixed with caramelized pecans. A sweet invasion!
We made cocoa cookies with our own cocoa powder, added pieces of caramel and put it all in dark chocolate. This bar is made without animal ingredients, so suitable for vegans.
Stop the presses! Okay, so technically nothing has actually stopped, but orders from our Chocoshop may be moving slower than usual due to all these holiday orders. Blame Santa, and hang tight, okay?

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